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A Diagnosis is a label that represents a categorization of behaviors and is the medical models perspective on what may be the cause of the behaviors.  Keep in mind that a diagnosis is merely that, just a diagnosis.  It is not an indication of prognosis and gives no clear cut treatment protocol.

The longer your child is involved in the mental health field, the more diagnoses he is going to acquire.  On average by the time families finally find the CVCC their child has received 3-5 different psychiatric diagnoses and may already be on between three to five different psychotropic medications.  In some respects, many parents are relieved to finally obtain a diagnosis for their child because it gives them hope for a solution.  More often then not, once a child is given a diagnosis they are also given a prescription for a psychotropic medication.  Medications can treat some aspects of the symptoms however they do not cure the problem.

In 1997 Taylor, ET. al. cited in Alan Schores text Affect Regulation and the Development of the Self stated, “It is believed that 98% of all psychiatric disorders are due to affect dysregulation.”  In other words, one of the single greatest causes for psychiatric disorders is being stressed out!  That being said, hold on to your psychiatric labels for your child if that makes you feel more secure, but strive to see their chronic states of stress and fear in the midst of behaviors that are deemed abnormal.  In addition, stretch to see your own stress and fear, especially during your child’s challenging behavior, because when stress hits us we can all regress into undesirable behaviors!  (See Family Centered Regulatory Therapy)