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Family Centered Regulatory Therapy

What is Family Centered Regulatory Therapy?  Family Centered Regulatory Therapy is a form of child/family therapy that was developed by internationally renowned child behavior expert and author Brian Post, Ph.D.  Dr. Post has written several books on treating attachment challenged children and adolescents such as The Great Behavior Breakdown and Healing the Attachment Challenged Angry and Defiant Child. 

Family Centered Regulatory Therapy is an integration of attachment theory, behavioral sciences, family systems theory, gestalt, and brain science research that has been translated into specific and targeted processes that are directed toward treating children with problematic and/or severe behaviors.  One of the unique features of this process is that the parents are the primary healing intervention tool.  As your therapist I will provide support, healing, growth, and training for the parent.  I will then coach you, the parent in the key processes to facilitate healing, growth, and regulation for your child.

Key elements of the Family Centered Regulatory Therapy process include:

  • The Stress Model (See Stress Model)

  • 3 Core Concepts

    All Behaviors arise from a state of stress

    There are only two primary emotions:  Love and Fear

    Children with severe behaviors do NOT CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to act out that behavior

  • Moving from Affective Dysregulation to regulation

  • Four Levels of Memory

  • Impact of Chronic Stress on brain functions

  • Three Phase Intervention

  • Containment

  • Neurophysiological Feedback Loop System

Learn more by attending “The Great Behavior Breakdown” Seminar.  (see Seminar)

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