Not Sure About Therapy?

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Group Therapy

Growth Group for Individuals
Growth Group is focused on the personal growth of each member and the healing of relational wounds.  The theoretical basis of this group includes Imago Relationship Therapy principles and interventions.  Imago Relationship therapy integrates Depth psychology, the Behavioral sciences, spiritual traditions, Gestalt psychology, and Systems theory.(See Growth Group )    (See Fees).  Intensives for individuals are one to two day group therapy workshops that have a specific focus such as:  Expressive Therapy, Trauma Work, Emotional Regulation Skills Training, Anger Management, etc. (See Intensives)  

Parenting Group
Parenting Group is a 8 week group offered following completion of one of the parenting seminars.  Parenting group strengthens, practices, and reinforces key concepts learned in the parenting seminar such as…

  • Understanding the stress model and how to put it into action
  • Use of Reflect, Respond, and Regulate
  • Containment Skills
  • Affective Regulation Skills
  • Proper use of mirroring, validation, and empathy when addressing severe behaviors
  • And much more…

Parenting group also provides each parent with an opportunity to grow and heal their own unresolved hurts.  This facilitates the development of increased regulation and conscious responding with your own children allowing you to “put space between” the situation at hand and enabling you to have a loving and effective response. (See Fees)  

Imago Couples Group
Imago Couples Group is held two times a month with a maximum of 5 couples per group.  Couples are encouraged to attend 12 sessions however may continue for as long as desired.  Completion of 4 private sessions or completion of the 6 week A New Way to Love Seminar is a requirement prior to group membership.  Couples group is designed to  

  • Improve your relationship with your partner
  • Dissolve long-standing conflicts
  • Use your relationship to heal childhood wounds
  • Use your relationship to grow into your full potential
  • Deepen connection and intimacy
    (See Fees)